How to resolve QuickBooks online issues

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Quickbooks is accounting software used by the small and medium business.Therefore It is one of the most popular accounting software in the market. Whether you want to track profit or day to day expenses.

In other words Quickbooks has everything. This blog, we will look at various online issues. Faced by QuickBooks users and how to resolve them. Sometimes the problems are because of QuickBooks online down problem; sometimes it’s the server.

Resolving the Issue QuickBooks online down

There are many problems which appeared in QuickBooks from time to time. Sometimes you can not log in in QuickBooks online; sometimes you face it down. One of the issues, many users face is the error of 9999. It happens when you are trying to refresh your bank details.

Message appears, ‘sorry we can not refresh your records.’
You try many times, but the error keeps appearing. Therefore various reasons for it. Maybe the files have been corrupted by malware or an error in windows registry.


Symptoms of Error 9999 in QuickBooks online

● Trying to connect to the bank in QuickBooks, but the errors keep showing up.

● Process will eventually slow down freezing the browser.

● Get a message, ‘ we can not update your accounts, please try again later.’

Reason behind getting the error 9999.

● Are you using a slow internet connection? it may be facing the issue because of it.  Since QuickBooks online requires a high-speed internet connection. If the net connection slow, it might cause the problem.

● There are several antiviruses which can block the internet connection to QuickBooks online servers, so check the antivirus, or it  could be malware which is causing the issue, so do a full scan. Removing malware may solve the problem.

● Sometimes, the cookies in your browser can cause the problem.

● That reason could be because of QuickBooks online down, so check on google to see if QuickBooks servers are down.

Steps to resolve the issue of Error 9999

Here is the solutions related to QuickBooks login we can fix this


  • When you get the error message, click on report issue in the error message.
  • Go to bank transactions, enter your credentials.
  • Submit the report.
  • Our QuickBooks technical support team will report back to you about what causes the issue in the next ten days.


  • Open QuickBooks online, then cancel the current account.
  • When the account is highlighted, click on the edit icon.
  • Click on the ‘edit account info.’
  • A ‘ disconnect the account on save’’ will appear. Click on it.
  • Save and close.
  • Now get back to the dashboard and renew link.
  • Go to the bank account, link your QuickBooks account again.
  • Enter the username and password again to access the account.9. You can see the updated transaction record again.


If you are using Google Chrome browser, or any other browser, you need to clear the cache of the browser to see if the problem will get resolved. Here we will describe step by step about how to remove the cache in Google Chrome browser.

  • Open google chrome.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right side corner.

OK on more tools.

  • An option of clear browsing data is here.

  • It will directly take you to clear your browsing data with the cache.
  • Clear according to your preferences.
  • Recheck the QuickBooks online to see if the issue is resolved.


Now, from a simple solution, we will move to that solution, which requires careful steps. However, if you follow them, they can be quickly done.

  • Close every application related to QuickBooks online.
  • On the start, click the button to open the menu.
  • In the search bar, search Run
  • An applicant named Run will appear.
  • Tap on the run.
  • Again a search bar will appear on the run application.
  • Type ‘Regedit’ on it.
  • Choose yes, when it asks for permission.
  • Registry editor will appear.
  • Select the error 9999 links to make a backup.
  • Visit the file menu and click on export.
  • Save the backup file with a name.
  • Make sure to save the file with a .reg extension.
  • Have a backup of QuickBooks registry entry in case something goes wrong.

Fix – 5

Sometimes, simply connecting and disconnecting can resolve the issue. Unplugging the feed once might solve the problem.  Here how to perform it.  We have described the methods above, but below is the simple version of it.

  • Checking option of ‘Bank and credit card.’
  • On ‘edit account info.’
  • After that ‘Disconnect this account and save.’
  • Choose to save and close.
  • Reconnect the feed.

Check the bank website

Look at the bank website to see if it is working. Sometimes The official servers of a connected bank account in QuickBooks may not work, so check it in incognito mode.

Quickbooks Online Down

Checking if Quickbooks online down or working

Now It is not a method, but rather than steps to check if the issue is from the QuickBooks side, and not from yours.

Look to status page to check if the QuickBooks servers are working. On the status pages, QuickBooks list down the problem, they are facing in real time. Maybe the issue is related to your issue. If it is, Check regularly to see if the problem is resolved. Once it is resolved, check your QuickBooks bank account again.

Want to get regular updates about QuickBooks online down, you can subscribe to the status page. Quickbooks will send you regular updates about it.

Do a google search about the Quickbooks online down. There are various websites, which immediately updates the current situations. Since these websites are updated by real QuickBooks online users, you get the real-time update by real users.

So, this was our guide to resolve the error 9999 on QuickBooks online. We also describe how to check about QuickBooks online down the problem. If you are still facing the Quickbooks banking issue. Call on the QuickBooks support phone to get assistance. We will surely help you.